How to Use a Flipkart Gift Card

How to Use a Flipkart Gift Card

How to Use a Flipkart Gift Card : Gift cards are a popular choice when it comes to gifting, and Flipkart gift cards are a great option for anyone who loves online shopping. Whether you have received a Flipkart gift card or are considering purchasing one for someone special, this guide will walk you through the simple steps of using a Flipkart gift card.

How to Use a Flipkart Gift Card

Learn how to use a Flipkart gift card for online shopping. Follow these simple steps to visit the Flipkart website, sign in or create an account, add items to your cart, proceed to checkout, enter the gift card details, apply the gift card, complete the purchase, and enjoy your purchase. This step-by-step guide will help you make the most of your Flipkart gift card for a convenient and hassle-free online shopping experience.

Step 1: Visit the Flipkart Website (How to Use a Flipkart Gift Card)

The first step is to visit the Flipkart website. Open your preferred web browser and type in in the address bar. Press Enter to load the website.

Step 2: Sign In or Create an Account

If you already have a Flipkart account, sign in using your email address and password. If you’re not already signed up, click on the “New to Flipkart? Create an account” link and proceed with the instructions to make a new account. Having an account is necessary to use the gift card.

Step 3: Add Items to Your Cart

Once you are signed in, you can start browsing and adding items to your cart. Flipkart provides an extensive selection of items, such as electronics, fashion, home appliances, books, and various others. Explore the different categories and select the items you wish to purchase.

Step 4: Proceed to Checkout

After adding all the desired items to your cart, click on the cart icon located at the top right corner of the website. Take a look at the items in your cart to make sure they’re accurate. If you have any discount coupons, you can apply them at this stage. Then click on the “Proceed to Buy” button to proceed to the checkout process.

Step 5: Enter the Gift Card Details

On the payment page, you will find an option to enter your gift card details. Locate the “Gift Cards” section and click on the “Add Gift Card” button. A pop-up window will appear where you can enter the gift card number and the corresponding PIN. Both the gift card number and PIN can be found on the back of the physical gift card or in the email if you received a digital gift card.

Step 6: Apply the Gift Card (How to Use a Flipkart Gift Card)

After entering the gift card details, click on the “Apply” button. The value of the gift card will be subtracted from the total order amount. If the gift card balance is insufficient to cover the entire order amount, you can choose an additional payment method to complete the transaction.

Step 7: Complete the Purchase

Check the order summary to confirm that all the details are accurate. If everything looks good, click on the “Place Order” button to complete the purchase. You will receive an order confirmation on the screen as well as via email.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Purchase!

Once your order is placed, you can sit back and relax while Flipkart processes and delivers your items. Depending on your location and the products you ordered, the delivery time may vary. You can track the status of your order in the “My Orders” section of your Flipkart account.

Using a Flipkart gift card is a convenient and hassle-free way to shop for a wide range of products. Whether you are buying electronics, fashion, or home essentials, the gift card can be applied to your purchase, making it a cost-effective option. So, go ahead and make the most of your Flipkart gift card by following these simple steps!

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How to Use a Flipkart Gift Card

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